Monday, December 27, 2010

Transformadores Monofásicos y Trifásicos- Note: This site is in English and Spanish.

We manufacture this transformer.  All of our transformers have a two year guarentee on parts and labor.

Fabricación y reparación de transformadores monofásicos y trifásicos para todo tipo de aplicación en la industria,hechos a la medida dependiendo de sú nesecidad.

Two year guarentee, parts and labor, on all of our electrical transformer products.  Manufacture and repair of three-phase transformers for all applications in the industry, tailored depending on your nesecidad.

We manufacture dry transformers up to a maximum voltage of 100 KVA.

We repair and provide corrective and preventive maintenance service at your business location for electric oil transformers.  

We repair electrical oil transformers with electrical distribution or range of voltages including 10, 15, 25, 50, 75, and 100 up to 500 KVA.  In dry transformers we manufacture all control transformers, mono phase and three phase transformers.

We also manufacture specialty voltage transformers in a wide range of voltages for small, medium and large businesses.

We manufacture and repair mono phase (single phase) and three phase AC electrical transformers in 12 volt, 24 volt, 120 volt, 208 volt, 220 volt, 230 volt, 240 volt, 380 volt, 480, and 2040 volt specifications.  We also manufacture transformers in a wide range of other voltages not mentioned here.  Call, FAX or send us an email with your enquires.

24 hour, 7 day emergency service for electrical transformer installation and repair is available throughout Costa Rica
from the Costa RicaPanama border to the Costa RicaNicaragua border and from the Pacific Coast to the Atlantic Coast areas.  Call us at 8895-9292 for a quote for our 24 / 7 emergency services.  We are located in San RafaelAlajuela, Costa Rica.